Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the website of the Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Senators Council (C-FSC), the primary representative body of the Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty at NYU. Along with the C-FSC, the NYU University Senate is composed of the Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Senators Council (T-FSC), the Administrative Management Council (AMC), the Student Senators Council (SSC), and the Deans Council.

It is our duty to serve as the “deliberative body for the discussion of University-wide policies and proposed changes in University practices and structure.” C-FSC Senators serve on multiple committees tackling a wide range of issues from salary and benefits to academic policy and faculty guidelines to Grievances and the Global Network University. Senators serve on various kinds of committees both internal to the C-FSC and on University Senate committees, as well as ad-hoc committees, to divide this labor.

As a whole, we aim to serve our C-FSC constituents and improve the quality of our work and life at NYU, both as continuing contract faculty and within the University as a whole.

Communication is imperative as we all navigate this complex institution. The C-FSC will send regular updates to keep the community apprised of our work, and we post minutes to this website. For all of your concerns and questions, we hope you will be in touch with your school’s Senators and Alternates, and we would also welcome hearing from you directly. Please send any questions or concerns to our email ( or by phone (212-998-2230).

It is my honor to have been elected as this year’s Chairperson of the C-FSC, and I look forward to serving in AY 2022-2023.

Noelle Molé Liston

C-FSC Chairperson