Response and Recommendations regarding Grievance Procedures
  • The Council approved and sent the response to updates to the faculty grievance procedures. 
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Resolution regarding Academic Freedom
  • The Council approved a resolution to Affirm and Endorse the
    “T-FSC Resolution Reaffirming Academic Freedom, including in the Classroom”.
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Review of Credit Hour Policy
  • The Educational Policies Committee, along with the Personnel Policies and Contract Issues Committee, reviewed and developed recommendations regarding the policy.
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Recommendations for the Fiscal 2024 Budget
  • The Finance & Policy Planning Committee developed recommendations and presented to the Senate Financial Affairs Committee.
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Resolution regarding Faculty Grievance
  • The Council passed resolutions regarding the right to grieve and regarding the case of Professor Maitland Jones, Jr.
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Policy & Guidelines Review
  • The Personnel Policies and Contract Issues Committee reviewed and developed recommendations regarding the following policies:
    • Revisions to the Steinhardt Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotion Policies and Procedures
    • Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Policy in the Tandon School of Engineering, Tandon Bylaws of the Faculty
    • Tisch School of the Arts—Arts Professor Guidelines for Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion
    • Liberal Studies Continuing Contract Faculty Guidelines for Reappointment and Promotion Policy
    • Stern School of Business Policy on Continuing Contract Faculty      
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Review of the Proposed Revisions to the Faculty Handbook
  • The Governance and Grievance Committees reviewed and developed recommendations regarding the revisions to the Faculty Handbook.
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