Chair: Mary Killilea
: Joseph Borowiec, Gene Cittadino, Vincent Renzi


Resolution on Council Name

At the March 24, 2015 meeting of the N/C-Faculty Senators Council, the Council approved the following resolution:


In order to find a name that positively represents our diverse constituency:

  • We researched the nomenclature used at other institutions.  We found that many institutions use Non-Tenure Track Faculty. University of Arizona uses the terms Non-Tenure Track Faculty and Continuing Faculty.        
  • We surveyed our full constituency for suggestions of alternative names.  The survey received 24 responses with 2 new suggestions.  One of these suggestions was Continuing Faculty which is used at Bowling Green State University
  • After several in person and email discussions of possible names (e.g., review of the survey and research, suggestions and acronyms from within the committee), we met with Aline Wolff, a Clinical Associate Professor of Management Communication at New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business, who specializes in innovative thinking.  During our meeting we discussed the importance of a name that is both descriptive of all members of our faculty, but also does not diminish our important and often long-term contribution to NYU.  We also tried to move away from simply restating our human resource status.


    RESOLVED: That the N/C-FSC change its name to the Continuing Faculty Senators Council (C-FSC), the name that accurately and positively describes our constituency and our integral role in the University.

Resolution regarding Council Name (March 24, 2015)