Monitor implementation and impact of University joint shared governance and governance policies and practices in the several schools, programs and divisions, GNU campus sites and portals, particularly as they pertain to full-time non-tenure track/contract faculty (FTNTT/CF); Monitor and make recommendations for procedures governing the Council; conduct periodic reviews of the NYU Faculty Handbook; develop and suggest recommendations to the Faculty Handbook and Guidelines mentioned above for presentation to the C-FSC.

Chair: Ezra Sacks
Members: David Elcott, Mary Killilea, Larry Slater, Patrick Ying

SCOG revision to Section 66 of the University Bylaws

SCOG considered bylaws revisions related to Sections 65-69 of the University Bylaws. SCOG has recommended a change to Section 66. The Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Senators Council, Section (a) Functions. The suggested change is as follows for the final sentence:

Original: It will perform such other educational functions as requested of it by the President and Chancellor, or by the Board.

Suggested: It may perform such other functions as are requested of it by the President and Chancellor, by the Board, or by the Senate.

The suggested changes are to provide consistency among all five councils and also to have the bylaws more in alignment with current processes and practices.

Resolution regarding Section 66 of the University Bylaws (April 25, 2017)


Creation of Standing Communications Committee

The Council approved the Governance Committee's proposal of a standing Communications Committee whose purpose would be to facilitate and coordinate the collection and distribution of relevant information to C-FSC Constituents, Administration, Schools, other committees, and the public when deemed relevant.  This should include, but not be limited to, creating succinct summaries of meetings, data from surveys, council decisions, policies, and activities, as well as aiding C-FSC Senators in the dissemination of important information directly to their individual schools.

Creation of Standing Communications Committee (October 20, 2016)