Finance & Policy Planning

Examine and analyze faculty salaries, working conditions, long-range issues and other relevant finance matters, as determined by the Committee and the Council.

Chair: Tommy Lee
Members: Jamie Skye Bianco, Joseph Carter, Leila Jahangiri, Maria Patterson, Larry Slater, Susan Stehlik (ex-officio)


Budget Request for 2019-2020 Academic Year

The Continuing Faculty Senate Council submits the following requests for the Budget of the 2019-2020 Academic Year Budget:

1. Annual Merit Increase (AMI):

a. 3% AMI for the AY 2019-2020.

i. Standardized statement that defines:

1. total amount given to each school for AMI increases, separating

a. minimum AMI for current faculty and staff

b. percentage given to the Dean as discretionary disbursement for new hires, for compression and/or equity issues

ii. AMI historical increase for the school, as a reference, included in each faculty and staff letters.

2. Professional Development Fund (PDF) with broader use definition

a. As the Contract Faculty is not traditionally required to have research interests, we require a broader definition sent to each Dean showing that PDF’s can be used for a variety of purposes, not limited to research.

3. Stress Testing of students based on enrollment by state and country:

a. Stress testing of student enrollment – as global recession is looming, we should consider a full stress test on future student enrollment by country (in the United States, by states) for each of the schools/programs to elucidate the effects on future tuition dollars.

Budget Request for 2019-2020 (March 26, 2019)