Faculty Benefits & Housing

Advocate, review and make recommendations with regard to faculty benefits (health and retirement plans; tuition remission; etc.); monitor and make recommendations to issues particularly relating to faculty residing in faculty housing; analyze University policies related to housing for faculty.

Chair: Vincent Renzi
Members: Joseph Borowiec, Marion Casey, Nancy Fefferman, Michael Ferguson

Agenda Items

Employee Tuition Benefits for Faculty Pursuing Degrees-in-Course 

The Committee proposed the Council request that the Office of the Provost develop on behalf of the Board of Trustees procedures for the implementation of University Bylaw 81 (c) of December 14, 2016, that give reasoned justification for the policy of prohibiting faculty study toward degrees-in-course and the grounds for seeking the Board’s exceptional permission for such study. The resolution passed on April 25, 2017.

Resolution regarding Employee Tuition Benefits for Faculty Pursuing Degrees-in-Course (April 25, 2017)