C-FSC Committees


Administration & Technology

Analyze and monitor policies and issues affecting faculty involving technology-related issues, such as technology-enhanced education, University social media policies and Personal Digital Content Policies.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Collaborate with the Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation to create a supportive learning, teaching, and working environment for contract faculty. Review policies relevant to contract faculty in an effort to advocate for principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Educational Policies and Faculty/Student Relations

Interact with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching to enhance the effectiveness of teaching at NYU; develop recommendations to support and enhance faculty-student relations, both in and out of the classroom.

Faculty Benefits and Housing

Advocate, review and make recommendations with regard to faculty benefits (health and retirement plans; tuition remission; etc.); monitor and make recommendations to issues particularly relating to faculty residing in faculty housing; analyze University policies related to housing for faculty.

Faculty Grievance

Hears faculty appeals from a dean’s decision on issues related to reappointment and promotion; monitors compliance with school grievance procedures; makes recommendation to the Provost.

Finance and Policy Planning

Examine and analyze faculty salaries, working conditions, long-range issues and other relevant finance matters, as determined by the Committee and the Council.

Global Network University

Monitor and analyze academic, faculty, and other issues pertaining to the GNU campuses and portals.


Monitor implementation and impact of University joint shared governance and governance policies and practices in the several schools, programs and divisions, GNU campus sites and portals, particularly as they pertain to full-time continuing contract faculty; Monitor and make recommendations for procedures governing the Council; conduct periodic reviews of the NYU Faculty Handbook; develop and suggest recommendations to the Faculty Handbook and Guidelines mentioned above for presentation to the C-FSC.

Personnel Policies and Contract Issues

Reviews University and school policies and practices including contracts and/or contract modifications and guidelines that affect full-time continuing contract faculty, such as the University Guidelines for Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Appointments.

Salary Study Taskforce

Review the NYU Faculty Pay Equity Review dated Feb. 24, 2021, and address how the next faculty pay equity study can be improved with respect to, among other things, scope, design, methodology, and transparency.

University Senate Committees

The Senate Committees are comprised of representatives from all Councils of the University Senate. They typically meet monthly.  

The Committee shall consider the educational policies of the University and shall have responsibility for stimulating and promoting experimentation and innovation. The Committee shall consider matters pertaining to New York University relations with professional and educational organizations.

The Committee shall advise the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees regarding honorary degrees and other special awards, as provided in the Bylaws, and regarding the naming of buildings or other facilities not earmarked for naming gifts. The Committee shall be responsible for presenting to the Senate a calendar for the academic year that begins in the following calendar year.


Community Standards

Responsible for reviewing University policies related to student conduct and community standards, including annual review of the University Student Conduct Policy, and making recommendations for updates and alterations; members may also receive additional training to serve as panelists for University-level student conduct hearings and grievances, in accordance with the University Student Conduct Procedures.

Financial Affairs

The Committee shall consider and make recommendations on financial and budgetary policies of the University, including those relating to capital budgets, operating budgets, long-range financial planning, policies governing allocation of resources among schools, and policies on tuition and salary. In addition, the Committee shall consider matters relating to the development of University facilities.

Public Affairs

The Committee shall be concerned with all matters relating to the Commencement Exercises and other public occasions affecting more than one school.The Committee shall consider matters pertaining to New York University's relations with the community.

The Committee shall conduct a yearly review of the guidelines on the use of University facilities, and shall inform appropriate administrative personnel about the operation of these guidelines.

The Committee shall also develop additional guidelines, if needed, for approval by the Senate; hear grievances and arbitrate disputes in connection with the use of University facilities; and determine violations of the guidelines. Appeals from decisions of the Public Affairs Committee may be made to the Senate.

Senate Committee on Organization and Governance (SCOG)

The Committee shall review organizational policies of the University and make recommendations regarding governance.

University Committees