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AMC Brave Conversations is a space where meaningful dialogue around the topic of racial equality and equity takes place. The singular goal of the Brave Conversation is to keep the discussion of justice current. Conversations are fueled by the perspective of all those involved and all members of the NYU community are welcome. We believe that every voice has value and needs a space to be heard.

Brave Ambassadors

Brave Ambassadors dive deeper into the content and data gathered during our Brave Conversations in an effort to build methods, structures, and practices to help widen the net of racial justice at NYU.

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Previous Episodes

Brave Conversations are not recorded in an effort to create an environment conducive to honest and open conversations.

Conversation with Chanel Ward, NYU Tisch’s Assistant Dean of Diversity

Chanel Ward spent our first conversation talking to us about “naming and framing” and the power of a stereotype. Chanel also helped frame the current state of violence towards people of color by police.

Conversation with Dr. David Kirkland, Executive Director of Steinhardt's Metro Center

Dr. Kirkland shared the theory of privilege and its effects on individuals on both sides of privilege and how privilege affects hiring in different spheres and how systematic oppression affects the value in a community.

White Males in Solidarity Panel Discussion

NYU administrators Ryan Westman, Noah Branman, and Jon White all share perspective and observations from time at NYU standing in solidarity with Black lives.

Fireside Chat with Dolly Chugh, Jacob B. Melnick Term Professor at NYU Stern

Professor Chugh gave us a deeper understanding of the role implicit bias plays in how we view and treat our fellow NYU’ers. Professor Chugh also used this time to introduce us to her newsletter.

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