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In addition to our individual committee work, we sponsor a number of special initiatives to support and engage our NYU administrators.

AMC Brave Readers Club

A space where meaningful dialogue around the topic of racial equality, equity, and justice can be discussed with no judgement. Our book club provides a structured discussion and learning space to explore and investigate relevant topics regarding race and anti-racist practice. Each month’s conversation will be based on and follow a section of the current book selection.

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Share Your Ideas on OpenAMC

OpenAMC is a place for all administrators to share their voice and contribute to a better University community. Advocate for the topics you find important by posting your own ideas. Show your support for other ideas by voting and use comments to continue the discussion.

How Do I Use OpenAMC?

OpenAMC is hosted on the IdeaScale platform, and is accessible via NYU Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials

  1. Visit openamc.ideascale.com
  2. Log in with your NYU NetID and password
  3. Click the Submit New Idea button to add your idea

Community Guidelines

OpenAMC is a platform to better support active and meaningful collaborations. It’s important that our community is able to thoughtfully engage in shaping the priorities of the AMC. When posting your ideas on OpenAMC please keep in mind NYU’s code of ethical conduct, along with the following suggestions:

  • Include the “why” behind your idea. It will be easier to garner support from the community when you provide the backstory that led to that idea.
  • If possible, share your suggested outcome. This is a place for ideas and if you have an end goal in mind, or even a possible solution, then feel free to share it.
  • Ideas should be constructive. Avoid using this as a forum purely for venting; don’t include the specific names of employees or administrators.
Preview of the OpenAMC platform

Preview of the OpenAMC platform. Click to enlarge view (opens in new window).

Preview of submitting a new idea on OpenAMC

Use the "Submit New Idea" button to add your idea.