About the University Senate

Chairpersoned by the President, the University Senate is the chief deliberative body of the University for the discussion of all matters of University policy and practice in cases in which two or more schools have a substantial interest. For example, the Senate is empowered to set each year's academic calendar and discuss certain University-wide policies.

The Senate's membership consists of members of the Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty Senators Council; Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Senators Council; Deans Council; Student Senators Council; senators elected by the Administrative Management Council; and designated officers of the University.

AMC Senate representation

The constituency of the AMC elects seven Senators and 13 Alternate Senators in May to serve for the following two years. The Chairperson of the AMC holds one Senate seat for the duration of his/her term in office. The Vice-chairperson holds the alternate position for the Chairperson. Committee assignments are noted with each Senator's name.

Senator AMC Unit Term Committee
Mary Lou Atkinson Nursing 2022-24 Alternate  
Christina Avgerinos
UDAR 2022-23 Alternate Executive
Sangeeta Bhojwani Stern 2022-24 Community Standards
Trevor Cano
UDAR 2022-24 Alternate
Public Affairs
Christy Dure Nursing 2022-24 Alternate
Julie Kaplan FAS 2022-23 Alternate  
Norma Kenigsberg NYU IT 2021-23 Community Standards
Timothy Lopez Campus Operations 2021-23 Alternate Public Affairs
Farrah Griffiths
Provost Division 2022-24 Alternate
Community Standards
Michael McCaw Provost Division 2022-23 Alternate  
Carrie Meconis Tisch 2021-23 Organization and Governance
Stevin Azo Michels Tisch 2021-23 Alternate Organization and Governance
Seamus Mullin Campus Operations 2022-23 Alternate  
Nicole Najera Division of Libraries 2021-23 Alternate Academic Affairs
Jocelyn Ochoa Dentistry 2021-23 Financial Affairs
Katie Santo Provost Division 2022-24 Academic Affairs
Joseph Sierra
FO&T 2022-24 
Financial Affairs
D Simmons Jendayi
FAS 2022-23   Executive
Juan Tie
Campus Operations 2022-23 Alternate Financial Affaris
Giselle Vazquez Tisch 2022-24 Alternate  

Each year, the AMC's Senate Financial Affairs Committee Senator works in partnership with the AMC Chair and Benefits Committee Chair to submit a letter for financial priority recommendations that impact the administrator community.

Ad hoc and special committee representation

At the invitation of the University, the AMC has appointed representatives to a variety of ad hoc and special University-wide committees.

Committee Representative(s)
Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct
Cassandra Louie
Rebekah Thornhill
Isabella Villacampa
Community Connections Committee Cassandra Bizzaro
Carrie Meconis
MLK Week Committee Patti Pearson
Sangeeta Bhojwani
NYU BeTogether Staff and Administrator Engagement Committee Noah Branman
D Simmons Jendayi
NYU Reads Selection Committee Curtis Spence
Outstanding Awards Review Committee Jessica Spera
Protection of Minors on Campus Steering Committee
Justine Kelly-Fierro
Diane Sheehan
Retirement Plan Investment Committee
Daniel Holub
Superblock Stewardship Advisory Committee
Barbara Albrecht
Sustainability Advisory & Working Group Juan Tie
Task Force on University Calendar Guidlines D Simmons Jendayi
Marni Vasallo
TFSC Administration & Technology Committee
Norma Kenigsberg
Women's Leadership Forum Cassandra Bizzaro
UHR Community Service Committee
Carrie Meconis
Michael McCaw
Cassandra Bizzaro
University Task Force on Affordability
Carrie Prendergast