What we do

The Special Events Committee creates programs that enrich the professional and personal lives of administrators at NYU. Our annual events include opportunities for administrators to speak with the NYU President, the Administrators Art Show, the Retirees Luncheon, and the May Meeting Luncheon.

Check out theĀ Special Events Committee AMC Yearly 2022-23 highlights.

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Emerging Professionals

What we do

Emerging Professionals is a working group within the Special Events Committee whose aim is to grow the community of emerging professionals, foster peer-to-peer networking, and encourage knowledge sharing through social and professional activities. The group's vision is to serve as a key administrative resource, a positive influence on the culture of NYU, and a supportive environment that attracts, welcomes, engages, and retains talent at NYU.

Highlighted Emerging Professionals events

Conversations with the NYU President

Each academic year, NYU administrators have been invited to join the President of NYU for a conversation and Q&A session.

Art Show

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Creativity

The Administrative Management Council (AMC) Annual Art Exhibit is an opportunity for NYU administrators to showcase their artistry through their original photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages, performances, etc.

We are back in-person this year at the Stovall Gallery! We will also be keeping the online gallery component as a way to include artists (and our entire audience!) across hybrid schedules and the global community. Artists, Writers, and Performers are welcome to submit their original art, spoken word pieces, and performances for the in-person and online galleries.

Retirees Luncheon

Retired NYU administrators are invited back each year to visit the place they once called their professional home and to reconnect with old colleagues and friends.

Former members of the Finance team at the 2015 Retirees Luncheon