What we do

The Nominations & Elections Committee is responsible for conducting the annual elections of AMC Representatives, ensuring that the proportionate representation of all units is accurate. We manage the submission of all nominations and the administering of elections of AMC Officers (Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer) and AMC Senators. We also feature colleagues as part of the AMC Behind The Title spotlight series.

Check out the Nominations and Elections Committee AMC Yearly 2022-23 highlights.

Committee contacts

Officer Election results

Senator Election results

Note: This list represents the election results however, due to turnover between the designated election cycle, recommendations will be made to appoint a Senator or Alternate Senator to serve for the unexpired term. Please see the NYU AMC Senators section for the most accurate listing of Senators and Alternate Senators to date.

Elections 101

Running for AMC Representative, AMC Officer, or AMC Senator?

Below are frequently asked questions about the Administrative Management Council (AMC) elections, including the various ways you can get involved, details on how to run for a Representative, Officer, or Senator position, and more.

AMC Election Timeline

  • January: Attend the AMC 101 event to familiarize yourself with leadership opportunities in the AMC.
  • February: Submit your nomination(s).
  • March: AMC finalizes election ballots for accepted nominations.
  • April: AMC holds elections.
  • June: New AMC Senator and AMC Officer term starts.