What we do

The Nominations & Elections Committee is responsible for conducting the annual elections of AMC Representatives, ensuring that the proportionate representation of all units is accurate. We manage the submission of all nominations and the administering of elections of AMC Officers (Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary, and Treasure) and AMC Senators. We feature colleagues as part of the AMC Behind The Title spotlight series.

Officer Election results

2021-2022 Officers

  • Chairperson: Michael McCaw, Provost Division
  • Vice-chairperson: D Simmons Jendayi, FAS/LS 
  • Secretary: Anne Brown, FAS
  • Treasurer: Bruss Del Valle, Silver

Senator Election results

2021-2023 Senators

  • Senator: Carrie Meconis, Tisch
  • Senator: Norma Kenigsberg, NYU IT
  • Senator: Daniel Esquivel, NYU Los Angeles
  • Alternate Senator: Jocelyn Ochoa, Dentistry
  • Alternate Senator: Nicole Najera, NYU IT
  • Alternate Senator: Danielle Hartounian, Gallatin
  • Alternate Senator: Stevin Azo Michels, Tisch
  • Alternate Senator: Rebekah Tokatlilar, Student Affairs
  • Alternate Senator: Timothy Lopez, Campus Operations


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