What we do

The AMC Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (AIDE) Committee is dedicated to fostering an environment that affirms and respects the diversity in our community. To create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable University, we partner with University Leadership to monitor progress, provide policy recommendations, and strengthen initiatives that focus on workplace climate, diversity in hiring, pay equity, promotion, and retention. We encourage administrators to participate in professional development activities meant to strengthen the community, increase awareness, and develop allyship.

Why did you join this committee?

"I've always been passionate about inclusion issues, and it's an essential part of my position, so checking out the AIDE committee was a natural fit. After attending my first meeting, it was a clear choice to join: the chairs, Sangeeta Bhojwani and Patti Pearson, are empowering leaders, making everyone feel welcome and making sure we all leave with a specific action plan. The committee members are really fun and talented and create a safe space to progress through tough issues. The committee's going through meaningful and significant growth, which is also attractive. Even on days packed with other meetings, I'm always thankful after I participate in AIDE committee meetings because I consistently get a lot out of them.”
- D Simmons Jendayi, Associate Director of Special Initiatives, Dean’s Office/Senator, Administrative Management Council
"I joined AIDE because I wanted to make sure that we hold ourselves accountable for the pillars of diversity that President Hamilton put forward. I have met so many people that have become my friends. It has helped me to meet people I would never otherwise meet. I have been able to collaborate with them on so many other projects."
- Nanci Healy, Assistant Director, Center for Student Life

Committee contacts