What we do

The Bylaws Committee reviews the contents of the Bylaws to address the evolving needs of the Council. We are responsible for assisting the Council in interpreting the Bylaws and by suggesting resolutions for any issues around parliamentary procedure. The Parliamentarian is responsible for providing opinions on procedural matters according to the rules of the AMC. Such opinions are based on Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised Edition, except when inconsistent with the AMC Bylaws.

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Elected Positions

The AMC conducts elections every spring for Representative, Senator, and Officer (Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer) positions. Representatives and Senators are elected for two-year terms. Officers are elected for one-year terms. The committee shall present the list of nominees for each office for a vote. No name may appear on the ballot for more than one officer or senator seat.


Administrative Management Council Representative positions are chosen by administrators within their respective units. For some central administrative units, this could be multiple departments and subdivisions, while schools would include administrators from their academic departments. The number of Representatives and Alternate Representatives per unit is determined by the number of administrators within a particular unit as defined by the AMC Bylaws.


The Administrative Management Council is represented on the University Senate by seven Senators. The constituency of the AMC elects six of the seven University Senators. Three of the Senators are elected each May to serve a two-year term. The Chairperson of the AMC holds the seventh Senate seats for the duration of his/her term in office. There are also nine Alternate Senators positions. Four positions are filled each Spring by those individuals who obtained the most votes in the Senate election without winning a seat, to serve a two-year term. The Vice-chairperson of the AMC holds the final alternate position in support of the Chairperson.


The Administrative Management Council is led by four annually elected officers: Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers are elected each April for a one year term, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The functions of each officer are described in the AMC Bylaws. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall develop a list of nominees for each office that shall be drawn from the Representatives and Alternate Representatives who are interested in becoming an officer of the Council. New officers will officially take office on the first of July following the May meeting.