Committee recommendations over the past few years have led to the creation of new and/or enhanced benefits and policies at NYU. 

100% tuition remission

for eligible administrators

Benefit Spotlights

highlighting parental bonding leave, FMLA, and more

More vacation time

for administrators with longer records of service

  • Creation of an ad hoc tuition remission committee which led to the re-institution of 100% remission for eligible administrators
  • Wrote resolution to create a Senate ad-hoc committee on work life balance which led to the implementation of the Work Life Office
  • Started a Benefit Spotlight event series that highlights topics such as the high deductible insurance plan, loan repayment and public forgiveness, parental bonding leave and FMLA, tuition remission, and more
  • Advocated for first mortgage origination fee reimbursement for eligible administrators
  • Advocated for interest-free deferred payment computer purchase program at the NYU Bookstore
  • Advocated for written notification of annual raises prior to September 1
  • Advocated for increased vacation time for longer service
  • Advocated for salary advances to assist with the payment of taxes withheld on tuition remission for spouses, registered same sex domestic partners, and dependent children
  • Advocated for optional 12-month payroll deduction plan for NYU Athletics yearly membership fees