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Brave Initiatives

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The AMC Book Club engaged administrators in thoughtful dialogue around themes that impact the administrator community. Brave Readers creates a structured discussion and learning space to explore and investigate a topic relevant to our ongoing Brave Conversations series.

Life-transforming ideas have always come to me through books.
- bell hooks

Special Initiative Leadership

Christy Dure

Brave Readers Club Initiative Lead:
Christy Duré, Nursing

Marcos Suazo

Brave Conversations Initiative Lead:
Marcos Suazo, NYU IT

Seamus Mullin

Book Club Initiative Lead:
Seamus Mullin, UHR

OpenAMC Working Group

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The OpenAMC Working Group plays an essential role in amplifying administrators’ unique needs, expertise, and perspectives across NYU. The Council leverages an idea crowdsourcing platform to cultivate an online community where administrators brainstorm and advocate on topics most important to them.

Special Initiative Leadership

Noah Branman

OpenAMC Working Group Lead
Noah Branman, UDAR