Greetings Colleagues,

A good friend of mine at NYU is fond of the saying, “consistency breeds credibility.” It’s one of those mottos that is both easy to understand and inspires action. However, it can be a bit tricky depending on how you define and operationalize the word “consistency.” Sometimes, consistency might conjure feelings of predictability. Other times, consistency may spark thoughts of firmness and rigidness. For me, what I see as true consistency is something that stands the tests of time. In the face of challenge, opposition, evolving process, and the like, I see consistency in the same ballpark as resilient.  Call me biased, but I have seen how our consistent and resilient spirt as proud employees has advanced the trajectory of NYU.

Over the past year, we have approached our work, our projects, and our contributions with this consistent and resilient spirit. We did so much more than keeping the lights on and the wheels turning. We shepherded our own efforts to establish a trajectory rooted in anti-racism and social justice through the work of our AMC Anti-Racism Task Force, our AMC Brave Readers Club, and AMC Brave Conversations: Black Lives Matter. We advocated for more helpful communication, raised concerns about physical and mental well-being, and workshopped new ideas and approaches through OpenAMC. We supported conversations and workshops on professional empowerment, navigating career advancement, and dedicated mentoring through our AMC Professional Development Committee. We supported both ongoing and emerging needs for our fellow New Yorkers through blood drives, toy drives, book drives, and diaper drives through our AMC Community Service Committee. We offered spaces of community healing through our AMC AIDE Committee and partnering with the Administrators of Color Network. We supported the development and growth of new and important affinity groups, including Hola@NYU and NYU Asian Administrators and Allies. We celebrated the creative talents of our colleagues through our AMC Art Show. We held our first in-person luncheon in over three years that was safe, thoughtful, and fun with the guidance of our AMC Special Events Committee.

...the tangible momentum we have generated as a Council over numerous years will also create trajectory.

These examples above individually stand out as impressive accomplishments. Taken in totality with the realization this was accomplished by numerous colleagues who volunteered time - time on top of their daily responsibilities and personal responsibilities WHILE still navigating a global pandemic, how can you not smile or blink a few extra times when you comprehend how truly impressive this all is? We did all of this because we value the importance of community, professional excellence, and social justice. We did all of this because we wanted to institute newer ways of thinking, evolving approaches, and sustainable practices. We did all of this because we are proud NYU employees who want to make the University a place that attracts and retains accomplished professionals. We did all of this because we are consistent, and this consistency has created credibility. Our voices, feedback, and contributions are recognized by senior leaders across campus. Our current AMC leaders have been able to thoughtfully advocate in impactful ways. More colleagues are deepening their engagement with the AMC, ensuring that the tangible momentum we have generated as a Council over numerous years will also create trajectory.

Grid of four Zoom screens of people talking, clockwise from top right: Seamus Mullin, David Vintinner, Elizabeth Robinson, and Mike McCaw

AMC50 History Panel on AMC Day, June 8, 2021

The AMC’s accomplishments this year are a celebration of the groundwork established by our predecessors when the Council was activated in October 1970 and the roadmap to continued success as we celebrate our 52nd anniversary in the year ahead. We as administrators typically are planning ahead and do not always do the best job of celebrating our work. This year’s AMC Yearly provides an opportunity to do just that. I am confident that our colleagues in the future can look at this year’s edition and appreciate the trajectory we created for them that they will undoubtedly advance to even greater heights. 

Thank you, all, for the opportunity to serve as your AMC Chairperson for four memorable terms. This experience has made me feel connected, appreciated, and supported as I navigated my own professional and personal struggles. The work has inspired me to remain consistent, and that spark will remain ignited as the AMC remains commited to engage, to encourage, and to excel.

Michael McCaw headshot

Michael McCaw
Chair, NYU Administrative Council (2017-2019, 2020-2022)

History of the Administrative Management Council

Key Moments and Highlights

Since 1970, the NYU Administrative Management Council has championed the professional growth and development of NYU administrators with a rich history of service to the University and our community. We invite you to explore selected highlights from the past 50 years.