The AMC Anti-Racism Task Force was created through the AMC Resolution on Anti-Racism/Justice Action to purposefully and holistically analyze the AMC through a data-driven lens of anti-racism, including, but not limited to: process, structure, composition, operations, governance, implicit bias, and trends as it relates to the AMC.

The Catalyst Year

  • Reviewed current structure, process, and operations of the Council
  • Produced a final report and presentation that included findings from an administrator survey and recommendations for AMC actions
  • Led to the AMC Executive Committee committing to reviewing and prioritizing the recommendations and providing transparent status updates during AY 2022-2023.

Task Force Leadership:

Headshot of Sangeeta Bhojwani in front of a blurred city street

Sangeeta Bhojwani

Headshot of Carmel Boyle-Lewis in front of a black backdrop

Carmel Boyle-Lewis

Headshot of Daniel Esquivel in front of a glass cabinet and doorway

Daniel Esquivel (Chair)
NYU Los Angeles 

Headshot of Nanci Healy in front of blurred trees

Nanci Healy
Student Affairs

Headshot of Lydia Miller in front of a dark grey backdrop

Lydia Miller

Ben Sher in a warmly lit room in front of a window looking with iron fencing and bushes behind it

Ben Sher

Headshot of Marcos Suazo in front of a white background

Marcos Suazo (Previous Chair)