We hope you take the time to read the full annual report from the AMC, but here are some highlights from the Council’s work this year that span the core pillars of Innovation, Strategic Groundwork, and Engagement

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All-day virtual event to celebrate the AMC's 50th anniversary


New AMC Leaders

Number of first time Officers, Senators, and Committee Chairs


Open Rate

For AMC Monthly newsletters

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Brave Readers Club

New collaboration between AMC Book Club and AMC Brave Conversations: Black Lives Matter


University Senate Guest Passes Issued

+ 100% Attendance from AMC Senators


Voter Turnout

For AMC Officer & Senator Elections

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New Community Service Drives

Virtual diaper drive


Action Focused Opportunities

Number of recommendations from the AMC Anti-Racism Task Force final report


Average Number of Attendees

For monthly AMC General Meetings

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NYU Career Planning Working Group

New collaboration between UHR and AMC

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New Standing AMC Committee

Research and Assessment


OpenAMC Votes

Number of votes cast for ideas and comments in the past year