Whether you're a new administrator at NYU or you are celebrating a promotion—we sure are happy to see you here! We want to make it super easy for you to get involved with the Administrative Management Council (AMC). Why? Because our University is so vast but the AMC makes it smaller through active and meaningful collaborations.

Four ways you can start getting involved

1. Attend a monthly AMC meeting

The AMC holds general meetings on a monthly basis. We hope you can join us at our next one!

2. Join a Committee

Most of the AMC's work is accomplished in its standing and ad hoc committees. Committee membership, which is open to all NYU administrators, offers a wonderful way to become involved in the university community.

3. Participate in OpenAMC

Your ideas and contributions are what makes the AMC a place where active and meaningful collaborations happen. All administrators are invited to participate in our OpenAMC platform. Advocate for the topics you find important by posting your own ideas, showing support for other's ideas by upvoting, and using comments to continue the discussion.


tuition remission for administrators making $100,000 or less

Sick time

policy changes that now cover preventative care

4. Meet other administrators

The AMC is comprised of brilliant individuals who serve in the different schools and units that make up NYU. As administrators, we work together to serve the overall mission and success of NYU. Our Behind the Title series highlights the people behind that work by going behind (and beyond) our job titles. We also encourage you to join one of the many affinity groups at NYU to help build relationships.