We hope you take the time to read the full annual report from the AMC, but here are some highlights from the Council's work this year that span our core pillars of vital progress, thoughtful dialogue, and community engagement.

June 2020

Employee Carefund Created

Fireside Chat with President Hamilton

Highest Attended In-Person Event (202 Participants)

3,400 Items Donated During Thanksgiving Food Drive

Items Donated

During Thanksgiving Food Drive

December 23, 2019

Monday Before University Winter Recess Day Off

April 14, 2020

First Virtual Meeting (317 Participants)

120 Participants in Mentoring Program

(50% Increase from Last Year)

September 1, 2019

Bright Horizons Benefit Implemented

879 Participants at COVID-19 Forum, Highest Attended Digital Event

Participants at COVID-19 Forum

Highest Attended Digital Event

1600 Toys & Books Donated During Toy Drive

Toys & Books Donated

During Toy Drive

October 2020

Mental Health Benefits Enhancements

1,279 Senate Candidate Votes in 2020 (88% Increase from Last Year)

2020 Senate Candidate Votes

(88% Increase from Last Year)

Norma Kenigsberg, IT

DeSantis Distinguished Representative Award Winner

January 2, 2020

Telecommuting Policy Implemented

January 14, 2020

General Meetings Made Fully NYU Green

97% Onboarding Email Average Open Rate; Click-To-Open Rate: 47%

Onboarding Email Average Open Rate

Click-To-Open Rate: 47%