What is the AMC?

The AMC is comprised of NYU administrators—management and professional personnel—elected from within each school or division. The AMC initiates, deliberates, and responds to the issues and concerns of its constituents and the University community. The AMC is committed to promoting the professional growth and development of NYU administrators, and is deeply committed to community service.

NYU administrators have a rich history of service to the University and our community. All administrators are invited to participate—whether an elected representative or not, whether returning or new—at our monthly AMC and committee meetings and events throughout the year.

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What I love about the AMC is the colleagues I work with everyday because these are truly people that care about NYU and care about trying to make change[...] I'm surrounded by really great, bright, motivating people.

David Vogelsang
2012-2014 Chairperson


Welcome from the Chairperson

I am humbled and inspired to return to this leadership position as the 27th Chairperson of the NYU Administrative Management Council. Like many of you, I am navigating how to best address concerns and opportunities while our sense of community is challenged. I hope you can take some solace knowing that you have many passionate, creative, and dedicated individuals who volunteer their best energy as AMC leaders to ensure our voice is heard and that we remain committed to community service, professional empowerment, and social justice.

Over the next year, we will need to work together to ensure that the physical, mental, and emotional obstacles we are all uniquely experiencing do not impede our ability to remain active and meaningful collaborators in University governance. As we reflect on 50 years of notable accomplishments, we also need to look forward on how to best evolve and enhance the AMC to lead our community for the next 50 years.

The official seal of New York University carries the motto “Perstare et Praestare,” which generally translates as “to persevere and to excel.” In the year ahead, I am energized to lead the AMC towards what I frame as the 3 E's- Engage, Encourage, and Excel. I am look forward to working with all of you in these important efforts.

In solidarity,

Michael McCaw
2020-2022 Chairperson

Chairperson, Michael McCaw

Michael McCaw, Chairperson