What is the AMC?

The AMC is comprised of NYU administrators—management and professional personnel—elected from within each school or division. The AMC initiates, deliberates, and responds to the issues and concerns of its constituents and the University community. The AMC is committed to promoting the professional growth and development of NYU administrators, and is deeply committed to community service.

NYU administrators have a rich history of service to the University and our community. All administrators are invited to participate—whether an elected representative or not, whether returning or new—at our monthly AMC and committee meetings and events throughout the year.

What I love about the AMC is the colleagues I work with everyday because these are truly people that care about NYU and care about trying to make change[...] I'm surrounded by really great, bright, motivating people.

David Vogelsang
2012-2014 Chairperson


Welcome from the Chairperson

I am excited and humbled to partner with you as the 28th Chairperson of the NYU Administrative Management Council! It’s evident that passionate administrators are invested in NYU’s success, through strategic contributions to University governance and by helping the University to fulfill its mission and vision. I have noted with gratitude how many of you go above and beyond your daily roles to engage in the AMC through our collective dedication to anti-racism and social justice, community service, and professional development. 

The many challenges that we continue to navigate magnify important opportunities for us to focus on strategic action. Over the next year, the AMC will continue cultivating our long-term commitment to improving our systems, strategy, and processes, focusing on engagement, clarity, and succession planning. This means more exciting opportunities to get involved at a level that works for you! Whether this is your first time hearing about the AMC, you know about our Council but have yet to get involved, are exploring avenues to reactivate your participation after taking a well-deserved break, or are a longtime AMC member or leader ready to try something new…we want YOU

As you serve others, please also be mindful of how AMC participation may support you professionally and personally. Many administrators have found opportunities to enhance their professional goals through their AMC work, including accomplishing well-deserved career advancements and promotions, meeting new colleagues to foster University-wide relationships, and creating a deeper sense of belonging for the administrator community.

Thank you for your excellence and action,

D Simmons Jendayi
2022-2023 Chairperson

Chairperson, D Simmons Jendayi

D Simmons Jendayi, Chairperson