Academic Year 2015-2016

Academic Year 2014-2015

Academic Year 2013-2014

Academic Year 2012-2013

Academic Year 2011-2012

Academic Year 2010-2011

Academic Year 2009-2010

  • March 2010 statement about the National Research Council (NRC) Research Doctorate Programs Study at NYU from the NYU NRC Steering Committee and the NYU NRC Advisory Committee, chaired by Provost David McLaughlin.
  • Provost McLaughlin's Fall 2009 annual message to the faculty.
  • September 2009 memo from Provost David McLaughlin and Executive Vice President Michael Alfano about the administrative infrastructure for research at Washington Square.

Academic Year 2008-2009

  • Research at NYU Abu Dhabi Institute
    Click here for the April 2009 (Reissued in December 2009) statement from Provost David McLaughlin on the vision, goals and organization of research at the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute.
  • Click here for the Provost’s April 2009 message about research grant opportunities at the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute.

Academic Year 2007-2008

  • NYU and Polytechnic University
    Click here for the June 24, 2008 statement from Provost David McLaughlin on the New York State Board of Regents' Vote on NYU and Polytechnic University.
  • Click here for the August 2007 memo from President John Sexton and Provost David McLaughlin on a future together for NYU and Polytechnic University.
  • NYU Global Programs
    Click here for the report from Provost David McLaughlin on global programs at New York University, which was issued in November 2007 and revised and updated in April 2008.

Academic Year 2006-2007

  • Click here for the November 2006 memo from Provost David McLaughlin, Executive Vice President Michael Alfano, and Senior Vice President for Health Robert Berne on the status of ongoing campus priorities and highlights of new issues for this academic year.