As NYU strives for excellence in scholarship and teaching, we take pride and find strength in our distinctive institutional personality: entrepreneurial, creative, resourceful, unafraid to take risks, dynamically urban, distinctively global, and eager to work across disciplinary boundaries. NYU - vibrant and energetic - looks to its faculty to shape its academic progress and establish its scholarly momentum.

NYU Bobst Library

Since 2001, NYU Has:

  • Expanded the tenured and tenure-track faculty
  • Supported new, faculty-led research initiatives
  • Established new schools in New York
  • Brought engineering back to NYU
  • Opened new campuses abroad in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai
  • Reinvigorated NYU School of Medicine
  • Strengthened our international stature
  • Doubled the applications for freshman admission
  • More than doubled the financial aid budget for undergraduates
  • Improved student diversity
  • Raised $5 billion, tripling our endowment

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David W. McLaughlin
September 2015

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