A Note from President Hamilton

I still remember the first time I cast my ballot as a US citizen. It felt right. It felt consequential.  

It still feels that way today.

On Tuesday, November 8, our nation holds a national election for the entire House of Representatives and about one-third of the US Senate—as well as numerous important state, regional, and local offices.

Despite the gravity of the issues before us, NYU students still vote at a rate just below the national average for higher education. And so I will offer some essential information on how you can stay civically engaged in the coming days, particularly if you’re eligible to vote but even if you are not.

If you are registered, it’s important to have a voting plan. Those applying to vote by absentee ballot must meet these deadlines; those voting in person should determine their polling location and hours, and then plan accordingly.

If you are not eligible to vote, you can still actively participate in conversations, advocacy, and service. Look for NYU Votes emails to discover the various ways you can be involved.

I urge you to get out and vote. It matters.

Thank you for your commitment, which is so vital to the health of our community and our country.

Signature: Andy