Stern School of Business

With locations in Downtown Brooklyn, on Museum Mile, and most notably in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYU sites and buildings have served as the backdrop for countless movies and television shows. We work closely with production staff and creative teams to accommodate location requests while ensuring minimal disruption to our students, faculty, and staff.

All location requests are evaluated by NYU’s Office of Public Affairs (OPA), which also manages the processing of all required paperwork and logistics, and provides on-site supervision during production.  Priority is generally is given to those activities that can help support the mission of the University.

Please note that, at this time, we are restricting visitors on our campus. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we are considering filming by special request only and requiring strict adherence to our NYU Returns Campus Visitor Policy. If you are still interested in filming at NYU, please email Cristina Fowler for more information.

Guidelines and Standards

Commercial Filming

While NYU permits select, pre-approved commercial filming, video, and photography on university property, we prohibit any projects that imply the University’s endorsement of a business or organization, including nonprofits. In addition, the university reserves the right to prohibit any filming or photography on its property for any reason, including if the filming or photography creates the potential for:

  1. disruption of academic, research, business or student activities;
  2. damage to or alteration of university property;
  3. inappropriate use of the NYU name, trademarks or image;
  4. disruption of pedestrian traffic;
  5. other safety hazards;
  6. violations of the University’s privacy policies.

Anyone wishing to film on campus for commercial non-news purposes must submit in writing detailed information about the proposed project, including:


  • locations;
  • proposed days and hours of shoot;
  • number of people involved in each day's shoot;
  • type of activity to be filmed;
  • list of equipment and vehicles to be used in connection with the filming;
  • name and contact information of the appropriate person/production company.


This information, as well as any treatments, storyboards, or associated script pages should be submitted via email to Cristina Fowler.


Filming projects that require University permission and a film location permit include, but are not limited to:

  • Feature films, short films, television programs, reality TV, and independent films
  • Documentaries that are not news productions
  • Documentaries that are categorized as news but require the signing of a location permit

A production will be considered in terms of its size and complexity and to what degree it might disrupt classes and other normal campus activities. Whenever possible, production should be scheduled during breaks in the academic calendar.

Any representation of New York University name and/or logos must be approved separately in advance of production, and in line with our visual identity standards.

Name/Logo Licensing

Any representation of the NYU name or logos must be approved in advance of use, and in line with our visual identity standards.