Drawing from President Mills’ listening tour and conversations with more than 2,500 NYU community members, including discussions with every dean and administrative unit head and with the Board of Trustees, the Offices of the President and Provost have developed a set of “strategic pathways” to serve as a touchstone for leaders at all levels across the institution. These pathways are complementary and aspirational — intended as starting points to help align the work of our expansive global community around a number of important directions — and are neither exhaustive nor exclusive. Critical priorities at NYU — whether advancing a comprehensive global inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and access (GIDBEA) agenda; achieving our goal of carbon neutrality by 2040; investing in and capitalizing on our unparalleled strength in the arts and humanities; or others — must and will inform the way we seek to bring these pathways to fruition.

Moving forward, and with ongoing community input, each pathway will be fleshed out with associated initiatives and projects, metrics, and updates.


Lead the world in interdisciplinary collaboration for innovation and impact.

NYU will be distinguished by interdisciplinary, multi-school, and multi-location research and educational programs that take full advantage of our unique scale, breadth, and global network to generate high-impact research on critical issues facing the world and offer novel opportunities to students.

Science and tech

Position NYU as the #1 place to be for discovery, innovation, and entrepreneurship with a global perspective.

NYU will leverage key strengths in science and tech, entrepreneurship, and our global position and convening power, among others, to create a distinctive and world-class ecosystem that is a magnet for talent and makes us a preferred partner for academic institutions, industry, and government. Our ability to draw upon deep assets across the university, including those in the arts and humanities, social sciences, health, business, law, and policy, will multiply our real-world impact and help make NYU a champion of progress on a number of key global challenges.


Lead the world in global education and research.

NYU will be the world’s leading university in global education and research, featuring a vibrant network of academic locations around the world; strong support for globally-oriented research and creative work; a large and thriving population of international students, faculty, and staff; and global study experiences that define an NYU undergraduate education, giving students a unique edge relative to their peers.


Build and sustain a welcoming and supportive community in which students, faculty, and staff can flourish and timely graduation is a top priority.

NYU will be a vibrant and diverse, welcoming and accessible global community in which students, faculty, and staff feel supported, connected, and inspired to do their best work. We will be diligent and persistent in reducing and eliminating barriers to success, whether measured in terms of timely progress to graduation for students, efficient and effective provision of research and teaching support for faculty, or robust opportunities for professional development and growth for staff.