Jack Osea

Jack Osea is the Assistant Director for the Work Life office. Prior to joining the Work Life team, Jack worked for five years at NYU Silver School of Social Work, first with the Zelda Foster Studies Program and most recently as the Program Administrator for the DSW Program, where he managed the program’s admissions, communications, registration, scholarships, graduation certification, advisement, student services, faculty recruitment, and events. He also concurrently served as the Editorial and Social Media Manager for the Clinical Social Work Journal. Prior to his time at NYU, he worked as an Office Coordinator at the Urban Justice Center, where he developed his interest and skills in advocacy.

Jack received his Bachelor of Arts in History from Rutgers University, concentrating in social and cultural history. He went on to pursue his Master of Public Administration in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. Jack used to play tennis competitively in the Philippines and now plays the sport regularly to enhance his personal wellness.