Stacey Gordon

As Program Director of Next Phase Adult Caregiving and Retirement, Stacey's work focuses on three related areas: caregiving, aging, and retirement.

Stacey provides private caregiving consultations to faculty and administrators, university-wide programs on family caregiving, and a support group for those experiencing caregiving challenges, especially during COVID-19.

Stacey also offers private consultations to faculty and administrators considering retirement and post-retirement, and a workshop for faculty called "Envisioning Retirement." Stacey is currently rolling out plans for the inaugural event of the new NYU Faculty Retiree Society, on November 11, 2020.

This semester, Stacey is launching The NYU Wrinkle Project, an initiative focused on changing language and communications around age as a way to decrease ageism and positively affect attitudes towards aging in both young and old.

Prior to joining the Work Life team, Stacey was a social entrepreneur and founded several organizations including ElderOptions Care Management in New York and Chicago. In 2012, she founded the first large-scale geriatric care management organization in Israel. Stacey also founded The Wrinkle Project, an organization whose mission is to disrupt negative stereotypes of aging and maximize opportunities to age consciously and confidently throughout the life course.

Stacey has served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago School Service Administration and at the NYU Silver School of Social Work, where she is currently a DSW candidate.