Date: January 10, 2024
To: NYU Faculty
From: Mark Siegal, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Re: New: Midterm Progress reports for undergraduate courses

Beginning in Spring 2024, instructors teaching undergraduate courses will complete Midterm Progress reports using NYU Connect. These reports will let students know if their progress is strong, satisfactory, or of concern, replacing the current process of uploading a midterm grade to Albert for undergraduate courses. This change will further NYU’s student success efforts by providing a more seamless and supportive experience for students, instructors, and advisors. 

Research indicates timely and actionable feedback is vital for student learning. Providing formative feedback gives agency to students to assess their progress in all their courses and to identify specific strategies and resources to improve, leveraging the NYU network of student support. Additionally, reporting midterm progress is critical for academic advisors to identify and provide just-in-time support to students in need. 

To prepare for this change, here are some things you can consider doing right now:

  • Include on your syllabus what strong, satisfactory, or of concern means in your course at midsemester
  • Build in assignments and mechanisms for feedback before week six, so you and your students have robust information to gauge progress;
  • Set up your Gradebook in Brightspace so your students can track their continued progress in your course and see specific assignment or exam grades; and 
  • Learn more about the history and research that led to this change and additional strategies to optimize midterm progress reporting.

Optimize Midterm Progress reporting

We hope this change will be welcomed as we work to consolidate processes for an impactful student academic experience. If you are teaching an undergraduate course in Spring 2024, your school dean will be in touch with further instructions once Midterm Progress reports are available to complete for your course(s) in NYU Connect.

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