Elise Cappella is Vice Provost for University-wide Initiatives and Graduate Education. In this capacity, she is responsible for crafting and bolstering strategic initiatives that span the entire University. Her role revolves around cultivating connections that extend beyond traditional boundaries, both within NYU and in broader contexts. These efforts are crucial in establishing interdisciplinary, multi-school, and multi-location research and educational programs, aligning with the goals articulated by NYU faculty and students.

Vice Provost Cappella's initiatives are designed to harness the University's distinctive scale, breadth, and global network to its fullest advantage. She is reimagining and launching interdisciplinary initiatives, such as the Cross-Cutting Initiative on Inequality, which aims to expand a dynamic networks of scholars and students dedicated to addressing complex social issues. 

Additionally, Vice Provost Cappella oversees graduate academic affairs, including her role as a co-chair of the Graduate Program Committee and collaboration with initiatives like NYU x NYU, fostering connections between undergraduate and graduate programs across various schools.