Name Title Email Phone Location
Beresford, Nia Assistant Director 212.992.8538 Union Square
Bernhardt, Beth Assistant Director
646.997.5975 Brooklyn Office
Bhimani, Nourine
Assistant Director
TBD SPS Office
Boatner, Niara
Student Employment Assistant 212.998.4732 Union Square    
Caparaz, Robert Director
646.997.5987 Brooklyn Office
Cristal, Danielle Assistant Director, Graduate Student Career Development 212.998.4733 Union Square
Cziczo, Stephanie
Assistant Director 212.998.7284 SPS Office
DiMonica, Victoria Manager, Undergraduate Career Development 212.998.4740 Union Square
Findling, Leslie
Senior Assistant Director, Graduate Student Career Development 212.992.8535 Union Square
Frint, Rachel Assistant Dean 212.998.7208 SPS Office
Gamradt, Angelina Administrative Aide 212.998.7205 SPS Office
Garcé-Rodríguez, Joanne Senior Associate Director of Multicultural & Global Programs 212.998.4757 Union Square
Garofalo, Haley Assistant Director
212.998.4205 Union Square
Graham, Kelly Associate Director of Graduate Student Career Development 212.998.4055 Union Square
Hazelton, Dexter Systems Administrator
212.998.4299 Union Square
Hernandez, Tiffany Manager of Operations & Events 212.998.7062 SPS Office
Hodges, Tanya Administrative Aide 212.998.4742 Union Square
Lee, Paula Director 212.998.4749 Union Square
Martinez, Carlos
Manager, Global Career Development TBD Union Square
Mazlen, Cheryl Senior Assistant Director
212.998.4741 Union Square
McNeilly, Sue Senior Assistant Director
212.992.9062 SPS Office
Mendez, Diana
Senior Assistant Director, Brooklyn Office
646.997.5990 Brooklyn Office
Mercadante, Joseph Associate Director of Employer Engagement
212.998.4763 Union Square
Micek, Samantha Assistant Director 646.997.5975 Brooklyn Office    
Miller, Miriam Senior Assistant Director of Graduate Student Career Development & Program Director, Coverdell Fellowship 212.998.4236 Union Square
Paul, Liz Assistant Director 212.998.4129 Union Square
Pennoni, Carrie Manager of Alumni Career Programs
212.998.4393 Union Square
Picone, Brielle
Administrative Aide 212.998.4732 Union Square
Pierre, Doreen Student Employment Manager
212.998.4759 Union Square
Pulley, Jessica Director of Operations
212.992.8537 Union Square
Raagas, Edwin Director
212.998.3861 SPS Office
Rhodes, Jazmine Student Employment Specialist
212.998.4758 Union Square
Rockey-Harris, Kate Director of Graduate Student Career Development
212.992.9153 Union Square
Rosenberg, Sasha Recruitment Manager
212.998.4743 Union Square
Rosenthal, Sarah Manager, Experiential Learning
212.998.4922 Union Square
Sarkissian, Gracy Executive Director
212.998.4764 Union Square
Shaughnessy, Sam Special Projects Manager and Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
212.998.4732 Union Square
Tucker, Annette Manager of Employer Relations and Special Events
212.998.4762 Union Square
Tyson, Patricia Administrative Assistant
646.997.5912 Brooklyn Office
Worthing, Karen Senior Associate Director of Employer Relations
646.997.5993 Brooklyn Office
Yasinska, Val Recruitment Assistant
212.998.4321 Union Square