Robert Caparaz

Robert Caparaz | 646.997.5987

Bob is currently the Director at the Wasserman Center, Brooklyn Office, but his roots to the career development field and to NYU stretch back to 1996. He is a multi-career changer with graduate coursework from an eclectic array of professional programs, from Columbia MBA to Pratt Library Science to Fordham Counseling, where he earned his MS in Counseling & Personnel.

During his tenure at NYU Wasserman, Bob helped launch and build the current liaison relationships between Wasserman professional staff and the faculty, administrators, and students from across NYU's institutions, including the Graduate School of Arts & Science, the Sackler Institute of Biomedical Sciences, and the College of Arts & Science. He also solidified and extended Wasserman's relationship with University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR), and revamped alumni services.

His breadth of knowledge is as varied as it is broad, and he continues to build on that base, providing support to the NYU Brooklyn campus community -- in particular, the Tandon School of Engineering. Perhaps, one day, when the Minnesota Vikings win the Super Bowl, he'll bike into downtown Brooklyn sporting his faded Moss #84. And, finally then, it can be said: That, sometimes, despite u-turns, wrong turns, and missed field goals, you end up where you were meant to be.

Paula Lee

Paula Lee | 212.998.4749

Paula joined the Wasserman Center in 1987 and is currently the Director. She oversees the Student Employment Program, which coordinates the hiring of 10,000 student employees each academic year. Paula is also part of the Diversity Team and is passionate about various diversity issues, especially working with students with disabilities, veterans, and first-generation college students. She has presented for the National Student Employment Association and the National Rehabilitation Association conferences. Paula earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Barnard College and Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from Hunter College. She is fluent in Toisanese and frequently visits Puerto Rico. During her leisure time, Paula enjoys "b" activities including baking, bowling, Brooklyn, and baseball. She is also mom to three precious little dogs with limitless energy.

Jeannie Liakaris

Jeannie Liakaris | 212.992.9077

Jeannie Liakaris serves as the Assistant Dean of Career Development for the NYU School of Professional Studies. She joined NYU in January 2012, and hired a dynamic team to launch the new Center—a partnership between the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development and the NYU School of Professional Studies. She oversees the long-term strategy for the Center, while continuing to meet with students as well as to work closely with employers, connecting them to NYU talent.

Prior to joining NYU, Jeannie had worked at both public and private universities, managing career counseling teams and employer relations at the MBA, graduate, and undergraduate levels, as well as working with Women for Hire as a national career coach for experienced professionals. Previous to that, she worked in brand management, and she also grew up gaining experience in a family business.

She has been featured, as an expert in career management, across a variety of media outlets and in publications, including Fox Business and Women for Hire magazine. She also has appeared on the cable show The Job Hunt. In addition, she has served as a speaker and a panelist at numerous events, including the Women in Leadership Conference at St. John's University and the WCBS 880AM Working Women's Breakfast, Big Career in the Big City. She is on the advisory board for NY Creative Interns and for America's Amazing Teen Project.

Jeannie earned a B.S. in Marketing from New York Institute of Technology and an MBA from Hofstra University. She is an avid kick boxer, with a blue belt in Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, and loves to spend time with her family.

Gracy Sarkissian

Gracy Sarkissian | 212.998.4764

Gracy is the Senior Director of the Wasserman Center and Adjunct Faculty at New York University. She oversees employer partnerships and works closely with faculty to design career-related programs and educational initiatives that meet the diverse needs of NYU students. She is committed to helping students and professionals from all backgrounds develop effective strategies to meet their career goals. She also advises those pursuing graduate and professional school.

Gracy holds a Master's degree in Organizational Communication and a Bachelor's in Psychology and Politics from New York University. Prior to joining Wasserman, she served as an admissions committee member in the Undergraduate Admissions Office and traveled across the country recruiting talented students and reviewing applications. She now spends most of her time running after her children in Central Park and hosting dance parties in her living room.

Bernadette So

Bernadette So | 212.992.9153

Bernadette is the Director for Graduate Student Career Development at the Wasserman Center. She focuses on developing services and resources for graduate students to enhance their career opportunities. As an advocate of planned happenstance, she encourages all students to be prepared for the unexpected.

Prior to joining the Wasserman Center in November 2014, Bernadette worked at The Career Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, managing the services provided to students seeking health professions careers or graduate study. She has served on the Executive Boards for the Central Association of Advisors for the Health Professions and the Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers, as well as on numerous committees for a variety of professional associations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Psychology from Barnard College, a PhD in Molecular Biology from UCLA, a Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising from Kansas State University, and a Master of Science in College Student Affairs from Eastern Illinois University.

Bernadette enjoys shopping, can find a coupon for almost anything, and revels in the lack of sales tax on clothes in New Jersey. She also has fun making or eating good food, and convincing others to join her on her adventures.