We are guided in our endeavors by a set of core principles anchored around six hallmarks: to provide students with a superior learning experience in an environment that fosters community, welcomes diversity in all forms, promotes wellness, exemplifies quality service, and demonstrates innovation.

These hallmarks are representative of how we translate the University's mission to our work in the Division of Student Affairs.


The Division feels that complementing the educational experience that occurs within the classroom is central to college student development. The Division demonstrates this value by partnering with faculty members, providing sustained and intentional programs for students, taking advantage of cultural opportunities unique to the New York City environment, empowering student leaders, guiding students to resources and services within the university and beyond, and lauding academic and intellectual accomplishments. Identifying and measuring student learning outcomes is critical to this hallmark.


The Division is especially mindful of the need to create intentional, sustained, and supported community networks for students and other campus constituencies, as both the size of the university and its urban location can potentially serve as barriers to individuals seeking connections. Shared interests, activities, identities, experiences and goals are used to identify smaller communities, and students are encouraged to participate in multiple community organizations in order to find intersections, collaborations, and new combinations of student networks.


The Division values diversity in all of its manifestations, including ethnic, national origin, race, gender, sexual orientation, political belief, age, and academic interest. The Division seeks to provide an environment that celebrates and respects all aspects of individual identities and community experiences. This is realized through programming, specialized resources, opportunities for participation in student leadership, and training of staff (professional and paraprofessional) to assist students with dialogues around personal and complex issues related to diversity.


In order for students to succeed academically and personally during their time at NYU, the Division provides a strong foundation of support for health and wellness. The Division is prepared to assist students in meeting their personal health needs in areas such as medical and psychological, preventative strategies, health education, nutrition, general fitness, and stress management. The Division also values community health as demonstrated in its commitment to providing safe and supportive living and learning environments.

Quality Service

The Division expects all staff members to strive to provide a high level of service when working with students and other university constituencies, including parents, faculty, other staff, alumni, and members of the local community. The Division's goal is to help students and others navigate a large university, understand the goals and missions of the institution and how these are reflected in policies, and anticipate outcomes.


The Division aims to be a leader in the field of Student Affairs, and places great emphasis on using research and assessment to identify changing trends and student needs, crafting new approaches to student life challenges, and making the most of emerging technologies to provide resources and services to students.