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Pride@Work emphasizes social connections and professional networking as a core strategy to bridge the gaps between the academic and student affairs professionals who believe that diversity in the areas of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression are key to prepare NYU students to be inclusive leaders and global citizens. Open to all staff members that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or allies (LGBTQA) in our global network.

How to Join

Subscribe to the listserve, attend events and open meetings, and join the community on social media.

Pride@Work Leadership

Kevin Conn, Administrative Co-Chair
TBD, Administrative Co-Chair

Mike Burgo, Communication Co-Chair
Chris Hilliard, Communication Co-Chair

Ryan Grippi, Social and Cultural Co-Chair
Torrey Crosby, Social and Cultural Co-Chair

Evelyse Fung, Professional Development Co-Chair
Connor Lillis, Professional Development Co-Chair