OGS can help programs to avoid unnecessary and potentially problematic traveler departure, in-transit, or arrival issues by agreeing to uphold the following responsibilities. 

Partner School Program Administrator Deliverables
  • Contact ogs.outbound@nyu.edu with any updates, concerns, information
  • Identify a primary and secondary contact person(s) per trip
  • Upload student roster to NYU Box: 
    • By October for trips in January; 
    • By January for trips in March; 
    • By March for trips in May/June
  • Inform OGS Outbound of:
    • new programs prior to directing students to OGS
    • new additions to the spreadsheet weekly (Friday) if the program will begin in more than 1 month
    • new additions to the spreadsheet upon update if the program will begin in less than 1 month
    • flight itineraries and any potential layovers where a transit visa may be required
    • any minors traveling
    • of any program cancellations
  • Distribute school travel support letter to all students attending the program. Letter should follow OGS template. 
  • Distribute GeoBlue support letter to all students who require a visa to attend the program. 

Students/Participant Responsibilities

  • Making their own visa appointments and OGS advising appointments
  • Obtaining appropriate documentation
  • Research need for transit visa(s)
  • Preparing the visa application
  • Attending the visa appointment
  • Informing OGS of any challenges with the visa process

OGS Outbound Deliverables

  • Review program lists in NYU Box upon weekly or monthly updates from school administrators
  • Provide school administrator with a list of participants via roster review of those who will need a visa/immigration assistance for compliant entry. OGS will update the roster within one week of notification of participants’ attendance to program
    • OGS Outbound Reviewed (Yes/No)
    • Site Visa Required (Yes/No)
    • Transit Visa Required (Yes/No)
  • Contact students who require a visa for travel upon review of updated lists from school administrators
    • Programs at NYU site: OGS will provide supporting documentation and visa instructions
    • Programs not at NYU site: OGS will provide visa instructions if resources are available or will point students to resources like GlobalChek Plus and CIBT.
      • OGS Outbound staff will conduct research to determine appropriate visa processes for new programs if resources are available and timing allows
  • Review student visa applications during advising hours (Monday-Friday, 11-3 at the StudentLink Center) or by appointment (ogs.outbound@nyu.edu).