Interested in requesting specialized guidance for your unit or department for greater understanding and sensitivity to support our international student population? Review the descriptions of in-house NYU support currently available free of charge.

NYU Support

Immigration 101: Essential Terms and Concepts for International Students

The US immigration system is complex and difficult to understand. Get an introduction to general terms and concepts, the journey international students navigate to come to NYU from abroad, what requirements they're subject to, how and when they can potentially work, and latest information to understand how students are affected by the current immigration debate. Participants will be given sample immigration documents for review. A few international students also will briefly share their experiences in areas such as obtaining an I-20 and student visa, crossing the US border, and answer questions you may have on the process. This session is intended to help NYU staff, faculty, and administrators better understand legal aspects of the international student experience.

Intercultural Communication

Participants in this interactive workshop will explore intercultural communication strategies for advising and career-coaching conversations with international students. Led by Tom Sirinides, Director of International Student Services in the Office of Global Services.

Chinese Name Pronunciation Workshop

This one hour workshop is designed for NYU staff and administrators. In a short amount of time, we aim to explore the importance of pronouncing Chinese students' and colleagues' names, provide a general overview of Mandarin phonology, and create a space to practice and improve those pronunciation skills.

International Student Meeting Program (ISM) Professional Development Session

The International Student Meeting Program (ISM) has three institutional outcomes. First, to foster innovation in the establishment of services to support the transition and student success of international students. Second, to advocate and provide information, resources and student life advisement to enhance community engagement. Third, to build community between domestic and international students. ISM invites international students to make recommendations to improve the University experience as well. If you would like the ISM team to present at your next staff meeting on what we have learned about the NYU international student experience and or review the deck of presentations from the academic year 2020, please contact us (here). Additionally, presentations open to the NYU community are planned for academic year 2021.

Hosted by the Global & Cultural Competency & Languages Committee (a sub-committee of the NYU Professional Development Committee for Student Affairs)

More Resources

One To World, an organization of which NYU is a supporting donor, also offers Intercultural Competence Workshops for a fee.