Staff in the Center for Student Life oversee a variety of areas, advise student organizations, and collaborate on initiatives. The sortable table below is meant to provide you with contacts for major areas. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us at 212-998-4411 or

Name   Email Area of Responsibility
Ader-Fecci, Gail Club Life Budget Support
Atkins, Briana Graduate Assistant, Program Board
Bingham, Tava Executive Director, Budget, Operations, Student Government Assembly  
Cassutt, Annie Graduate Assistant, Media & Communications  
Collins, Sherrill Program Board, Major Programs
Elgazzar, Sara   Leadership Development
Findling, Sonia Graduate Assistant, Graduate Life
Francis, Helena Staff and Club Support
Grim, Em Graduate Assistant, Fraternity & Sorority Life
Gumpel, Rebecca Transistion and Welcome
Gurinsky, Dory Fraternity & Sorority Life
Healy, Nanci Dept. Communications, Washington Square News, WNYU Radio, Publication Groups
King, Eli Graduate Assistant, Welcome Programs
Kuyateh, Alpha Graduate Assistant, Welcome Programs  
La Rivière, Lukas Student Involvement, Club Life
Larson, Hannah Graduate Assistant, Leadership Development
Lillo-Smith, Marlene Club Life Budget Support
Michaelangelo Misseri Service, Leadership, and Assesment
Meng, Catherine Graduate Assistant, International Student Engament
Grishma Patel Club Life
Phillips, Bianca Welcome & Transition  
Plemenitash, Ozana Department Administrator
Polniaszek, Stephen Club Life
Rush, Shannon Service & Civic Engagement
Suarez, Natalia Graduate Assistant, Club Life
Terry, Cameron Graduate Assistant, Club Life
Underwood, Audrey Club Life Expense Processing and Training
Villacampa, Isabella New Students & Transition, Welcome Programs, Commuters, Transfers
Wilder, Robert International Student Engagement, Graduate Student Life
Younas, Hamna Graduate Assistant, Service & Civic Engament