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Center for Student Life

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The Center for Student Life physical location is currently closed, but all staff are available and working remotely. Connect with staff by email or phone, M-F, 9am to 5pm EST.

The Mission of the Center for Student Life is to enhance the NYU experience through programs and services that create intentional student engagement. We cultivate opportunities which support new student transition, empower leadership development, and foster inclusive community building. We exist to help our students discover their purpose at NYU and beyond.

Student Life Starts Here

The Center for Student Life helps NYU students navigate the university. We publish Next Stop NYU to help new students meet important deadlines. We sponsor University-wide clubs that provide social and leadership opportunities on campus for all students — whether they are first-years or seniors. We serve as a community and information hub for groups including commuter, transfer, international, and military and veteran students. We endow fraternities and sororities across campus, and we curate service trips and experiences around New York City and the world. Check out our space.

The Center for Student Life also produces events throughout the year, such as Welcome Week during orientation, Club Fest twice a year, Violet 100 and Strawberry Fest in the spring semester, and Senior Week leading up to graduation.

Don't miss out on fun ways to get involved, meet people who are just like you — or who are polar opposites — and, sometimes, even free food.

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Key People

In Center for Student Life

Tava Bingham

Director of Operations & Club Life

(212) 998-4997

Isabella Villacampa

Associate Director

(212) 998-4703

Chrissy Beluk

Assistant Director

(212) 998-4201

David Gonzalez

Assistant Director

(212) 998-4710

Nanci Healy

Assistant Director

(212) 998-4156

PT Jones

Assistant Director

(212) 998-4623

Lukas La Rivière

Assistant Director

(212) 992-9152

Stephen Polniaszek

Assistant Director

(212) 998-4956

Jamie Remmers

Assistant Director

(212) 998-4718

Eena Singh

Assistant Director

(212) 998-4337

Audrey Underwood

Budget Manager

(212) 998-4713

Sherrill Collins

Program Administrator

(212) 998-4708

Royonah Marble

Program Administrator

(212) 998-4905

Gail Ader-Fecci

Budget Assistant

(212) 998-4945

Helena Francis

Administrative Aide

(212) 998-4701

Marlene Lillo-Smith

Budget Assistant

(212) 998-4753