Melissa Carter

Head of Mindfulness Education and Innovation

Melissa Carter is the Interim Senior Director for Global Spiritual Life at New York University and is the Head of Mindfulness Education and Programming for MindfulNYU. In 2019, Melissa launched MindfulNYU internationally, expanding its reach to become the largest campus-wide global mindfulness initiative. Melissa’s career began in the hip-hop music business at Violator management. From there she became a digital sales and marketing executive at both Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. After a decade in the industry, Melissa embarked on a spiritual journey that inspired transformations in both her career and daily life. Melissa serves as a meditation teacher, reiki master, intuitive coach and wellness consultant. Over the last ten years, Melissa has traveled to 15 different countries to present and lead workshops on the intersection of spirituality, social justice and mindfulness, and their interconnectedness with belonging, self-care, and intuitive and emotional intelligence. As a spiritual thought leader, Melissa takes a holistic approach to problem solving. She has a drive to understand how systems work and how they can function more efficiently using mindfulness and grassroots practices.

Melissa holds an MBA in Media Management from the Metropolitan College of New York and has an undergraduate degree in Communication and Interpersonal Skills from the University of South Florida. She is an Adjunct Professor for the Silver School of Social Work and is the New York Trauma-Informed facilitator for Connection Coalition.

She is a Mama Glow-trained doula. Melissa has been featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and Billboard magazine's "Top 30 Under 30 Executives" as well as various mindfulness blogs and podcasts, including The Naked Podcast and The Trailblazer Podcast.

Connect with Melissa on Instagram: @ignitewithmelissa