Organization Chart

Student Affairs

Marc Wais , Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

The common thread that runs throughout the Division of Student Affairs is a commitment to enable all students to participate in an engaging, healthy, and active learning environment during their time at NYU. Consisting of a variety of offices and departments, our division offers a wealth of programming, services, and resources to NYU students across the world.

The mission of the NYU Division of Student Affairs is twofold: To complement and support the University's academic mission as an international center of scholarship, teaching, and research; and to enhance the quality of life for students — both in and out of the classroom.

Key People

In Student Affairs

Christopher Bledsoe

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs; Director of Athletics, Intramurals & Recreation

(212) 998-2040

Erin Callihan

Assistant Vice President for Student UX, Technology, and Engagement

(212) 998-4406

Carlo Ciotoli

Associate Vice President, NYU Student Health - GNU; Executive Director, Student Health Center

(212) 443-1297

Tom Ellett

Senior Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

(212) 998-4074

Monroe France

Associate Vice President for Global Student Engagement and Inclusive Leadership

(212) 998-4350

Bethany Godsoe

Associate Vice President for Career and Leadership Development

(212) 998-4735

Charlene Herreid

Director of Research and Assessment

(212) 998-4409

Elizabeth Kuzina

Chief of Staff

(212) 998-4412

Wendy J. Li

Assistant Director, Fiscal Affairs

(212) 998-2541

Allen McFarlane

Assistant Vice President for Outreach and Engagement

(212) 998-4345

Zoe Ragouzeos

Assistant Vice President, NYU Student Mental Health - GNU; Director, Counseling & Wellness

(212) 998-2193

Marc Wais

Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

(212) 998-4401