Among NYU's great distinctions are its thriving research centers and institutes, which create vibrant intellectual communities both within the University and with outside partners, foundations, and constituencies.

A number of centers and institutes that engage the NYU community across schools and disciplines are supported through the Office of the Provost, and can be viewed below.

Public Events

20 Cooper Square Gallery

The ground floor 20 Cooper Square Gallery has been established to provide Provostial Centers & Institutes the opportunity to exhibit art for the benefit of both the internal NYU community and their external communities. The Gallery is approximately 750 SF and, in addition to many fixed wall surfaces, has two moveable walls. The cost of installation and staffing the Exhibits must be borne by the operating budget of the sponsor Center or Institute unit. In collaboration with Campus Safety, we will design a visitor check and sign in protocol that will help us monitor traffic flow. 

Provostial Centers and Institutes can request access to the Gallery as part of their Annual Planning. The Gallery will be available in 5 to 6-week residencies with two slots in each academic semester and one to two slots during the summer. For the first Fall show, the installation will take place in the last week of August; for the first Spring show, the first week of January. 

Any Provostial Center or Institute wanting space for next academic year should submit requests as part of their Annual Planning [link to reservation form]. All requests should include 1 week for installation and deinstallation each. Once all requests have been received, a provisional schedule will be prepared and shared. All best efforts will be made to accommodate requests.  At least one residency will be assigned to each requesting unit, with any requests for additional shows or longer show runs filled after the initial slots are assigned.