Welcome to the New York University Shared Instrumentation Resources website. This resource was created with information provided by schools, departments, and individual faculty members with the objective of providing NYU research investigators information on facilities that are potentially available to enhance their research and to facilitate collaborations. The hope is that this inventory will assist in the preparation of successful external grant proposals, publications in high profile journals, and support for educational activities at NYU.

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NYU New York

Wireless Implementation Testbed Lab (WITest)

The Wireless Implementation Testbed Lab in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering conducts research, education, and outreach focused on implementation of, and experimentation with, wireless networking protocols, applications and services. Equipment available consists of software applications, 16 Lenovo computers, and other resources.

Molecular Design Institute

The Molecular Design Institute operates within the NYU Department of Chemistry at the nexus of key areas in physics and biology, serving as a springboard for interdisciplinary research with other NYU departments. The facility has a large inventory of equipment ranging from an X-Ray Diffractometer to a 3D Printer.

Chemistry Department Shared Instrumentation Facility

The facility boasts a large inventory of instruments open to all Chemistry Department research groups. Pictures and descriptions of the instruments are available at the link above.

Biology Department Core Imaging Facility

Home to many microscopes and imaging instruments, the facility’s inventory and reservation system are listed in the link above.

Genomics Core Facility

The Biology Department’s GenCore facility has equipment for robotics, expression profiling, protein detection/quantification, quantitation and manipulation, and flow cytometry.

College of Dentistry Shared Scientific Core Resources

The College of Dentistry’s core research facilities contain fee-for-service facilities for MicroCT, Histology and Correlative Microscopy, Flow Cytometry, Microbiome/Sequencing Facility, an Anaerobic Workstation, an Irradiator, and Biostatistics. There is also self-operated equipment for Biological Analytics, X-ray and Infrared-Based Technology, as well as a Fluorescence Light Microscope.

Department of Psychology Research Facilities

The Psychology Department, located at 6 Washington Place, has equipment for movement analysis, eye movement recording, and magnetoencephalography (located at the MEG lab).

Center for Brain Imaging

The NYU Center for Brain Imaging is a shared facility, dedicated to research and teaching in cognitive neuroscience.

Power Lab

Part of the Tandon School of Engineering, the Power Lab investigates electrical power systems and researches in the realms of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Electric Machines, Electric Drives, Power Electronics, Electromagnetic Propulsion and Design, Distributed Generation, and Smart Grid.

High Speed Networking Lab

The focus of the High-Speed Networking Laboratory (HSNL) at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering is to conduct research and provide education to the challenging problems facing high-speed networks today. Our research is concentrated on developing complete solutions for data center networks, software-defined networks, high-speed switching and routing, network security and traffic measurement problems. Our research is sponsored by governmental agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and The Center for Advanced Technology Technology in Telecommunications and Distributed Information Systems (CATT).

Control/Robotics Research Laboratory

The Control/Robotics Research Laboratory is located at Tandon School of Engineering, NYU, Brooklyn, New York. Research dedicated to: Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles, Smart structures, robotics, high speed positioning applications, large scale systems and decentralized control, adaptive and nonlinear systems, flexible structures, and microprocessor based control and instrumentation.

NYU WIRELESS Research Center/Wireless mmWave Laboratory

The research focus of the lab is in wireless communications, signal processing, information theory and control theory.

Shahrjerdi Nanoelectronics Research Lab

Shahrjerdi’s research focuses on the study of new electronic materials, device structures and circuits- often at extreme nanoscale limits- for nascent technological applications ranging from energy harvesting to biosensing to next generation logic switches.

ECE Undergraduate Electronics, Circuits, and Wireless Laboratories

Undergraduate laboratories used with lecture courses in Electronics, Circuits and Wireless. These labs enhance the lecture component with applied education.  Contact for inquiries or reservations is Michael Knox.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Shared Instrumentation Facilities

Located in Rogers Hall at NYU Tandon, the CBE SIF have a large inventory.

NYU Abu Dhabi

Major research facilities include the main laboratory, a vivarium, and the Zebrafish Facility.