Nancy Daneau is Associate Vice Provost for Research at NYU. As Associate Vice Provost, Nancy has oversight of Research Administration & Operations units that serve and support faculty and researchers across NYU’s global campus network conducting research and other sponsored, scholarly activities. Nancy is accountable for NYU’s research and sponsored programs policies, procedures, and grants management systems and for providing assurances and certifications in accordance with sponsor and governmental regulatory compliance requirements. Nancy and her teams collaborate with members of senior leadership, central offices, and the schools, research centers and institutes to ensure proper stewardship, enhance competitiveness, reduce administrative burden, and grow NYU’s research enterprise.

Business Operations & Analytics (BOA)

The mission of Business Operations & Analytics (BOA) is to develop a cooperative and collaborative relationship with IT that effectively connects research business needs and IT technical solutions to optimize research administration operations. BOA ("Business") and eResearch ("Technical") form a synergistic team to answer questions, solve problems, and develop solutions related to research operations. BOA manages a diverse array of projects related to data, processes, and systems, including overseeing management of the Cayuse Research Suite.

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is staffed by Projects Officers knowledgeable about funding opportunities in a wide range of academic fields and experienced in dealing with public and private not-for-profit sponsors. Projects Officers can help you identify appropriate potential sponsors, interpret guidelines, develop budgets, and fulfill application requirements. OSP also provides institutional sign off on proposal submissions, negotiates awards with sponsors, and guides investigators in funded project administration.

Office of Contracts and Collaborations

The Office of Contracts and Collaborations is responsible for reviewing, advising on, drafting, and negotiating all research related agreements and contracts on behalf of NYU.

The Office of Contracts and Collaborations team portfolio consists of agreements from federal, state and local government, as well as foundations and other non-profit sponsors. Current exceptions to our portfolio include Clinical Trial Agreements and for-profit or industry sponsored agreements.

Research Data Management and Security

The Office of Research Data Management and Security helps faculty and researchers create robust data management and sharing agreements, secure research data environments, protect against cybersecurity threats and mitigate the risk of intellectual property theft. The Office partners with General Counsel, Libraries, Research IT and other compliance offices in  data acquisition and collection, protection and security, storage and sharing, workspace visualization and analysis, archiving and publishing. In addition, these partners manage NYU’s Research Security Program while maintaining a supportive environment for intellectual engagement and collaboration across the globe.

Office of Research Integrity and Compliance

Debra (Debbie) Schaller-Demers, MSOM serves as Senior Director for Research Integrity and Compliance (RIC) and oversees the Office of Research Integrity, including the Responsible Conduct of Research Program; the Office of Conflicts of Interest; and the Human Research Protections Program, including the Institutional Review Board. She is responsible for ensuring compliant research programs and implements a shared vision for openness, integrity, and reproducibility across NYU.

The Research Integrity and Compliance (RIC) mission is to foster a shared vision for openness, integrity, and reproducibility across NYU that ensures ethical and compliant research programs. 

Office of Veterinary Resources

The New York University, Washington Square Campus, Office of Veterinary Resources (OVR) in conjunction with the University Animal Welfare Committee (UAWC) provides facilities, services, information, and training to ensure animal welfare and to facilitate effective research using laboratory animals. The employees of OVR are committed to working together in a positive, supportive manner to achieve and maintain a program of excellence.

Research and Laboratory Safety

Research and Laboratory Safety (RLS) is dedicated to promoting a culture of safety and provides resources and mechanisms to support researchers in conducting safe, responsible, and successful research activities. RLS provides comprehensive services in the fields of biological safety, chemical safety, occupational safety, laser safety, physical hazards, and environmental health. RLS maintains and administers programs that combine training, consultation, and assessments to protect the health and safety of the University's research and lab community and to ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to University policies and recognized standards

University Animal Welfare Committee

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