Nancy Daneau is Associate Vice Provost for Research at NYU. Nancy works in conjunction with the Vice Provost for Research senior leadership team to build research infrastructure and capacity by maintaining a foundation of robust, reliable operations for a growing research enterprise across NYU’s global network. Nancy has operational oversight of the Offices of Sponsored Programs, Contracts and Collaborations, Business Operations and Analytics, Research Data Management, Research Security and Research Lab Safety. She manages Research Integrity and Compliance comprised of Research Affairs, Conflicts of Commitment/Conflicts of Interest, and Research Involving Human and Animal Subjects.

Nancy has responsibility for ensuring NYU’s research, sponsored programs, policies, procedures and grant management systems meet all regulatory compliance requirements. Nancy and her teams collaborate with academic and administrative leadership across the University to understand and meet the needs of the research community and to mitigate institutional and individual risk while minimizing administrative burden.

Office of Conflict of Interest

The Office of Conflict of Interest (OCI) advises on issues pertaining to conflict of interest training, disclosure, and conflict management and monitoring. Our office supports the Washington Square campus school Deans in implementing NYU's Policy on Academic Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment by providing assistance in the identification and management of conflicts of interest related to research. OCI also administers the NYU Washington Square Conflicts Committee, a faculty advisory committee that provides additional support to the school Deans in the review and management of research conflicts of interest.

Office of Research Affairs

The Office of Research Affairs exists to support the individuals across Washington Square getting science research done every day. This includes Faculty, Graduate Students and Postdocs, as well as other employees across departments, schools, institutes, and centers at the Washington Square campus. We serve as a liaison to offices at the School of Medicine as well as our global research sites in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. Research affairs promotes research integrity and provides support for investigation of research misconduct when necessary. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is part of Research Affairs.

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is staffed by Projects Officers knowledgeable about funding opportunities in a wide range of academic fields and experienced in dealing with public and private not-for-profit sponsors. Projects Officers can help you identify appropriate potential sponsors, interpret guidelines, develop budgets, and fulfill application requirements. OSP also provides institutional sign off on proposal submissions, negotiates awards with sponsors, and guides investigators in funded project administration.

Office of Veterinary Resources

The New York University, Washington Square Campus, Office of Veterinary Resources (OVR) in conjunction with the University Animal Welfare Committee (UAWC) provides facilities, services, information, and training to ensure animal welfare and to facilitate effective research using laboratory animals. The employees of OVR are committed to working together in a positive, supportive manner to achieve and maintain a program of excellence.

University Animal Welfare Committee

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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews human subjects research studies conducted under the auspices of the NYU Washington Square. It is comprised of faculty and staff from throughout the University and is supported by the IRB Office. The IRB Office assists researchers to obtain IRB approval and to ensure that their research is compliant with applicable regulations/laws and with University policies/guidance.