NYU COVID-19 Edition

Number of masks procured at NYU since the COVID-19 outbreak: 592,000

Number of thermometers: 65,000

Number of clear barriers installed in classrooms, dining halls and administrative spaces: 1,000

Number of hand sanitizer dispensers installed on campus: 2,070

Number of students from hotspot states successfully completing quarantine at the NYUNY campus: 2,587

Number of signs printed and installed to encourage physical distancing and hygiene: 90,000

Number of COVID-19 tests given to NYU community members in New York from August 1 - December 5: 187,376

Number of positive COVID-19 test results campuswide from August 1 - December 11: 814

Number of scheduled in-person learning sessions on NYU’s campus during Fall 2020: 23,800

NYU Hours logged on Zoom since February 2021 (when quarantine started at NYUSH): 13,658,855

Number of Private Sector Jobs lost in New York City in the last year: 553,900

Number of people who relocated out of Manhattan and Brooklyn between February and July 2020: 153,000

Number of essential workers on campus daily during Fall 2020: 6,108

Percentage of administrative staff working exclusively remotely during Fall 2020: 52%

Percentage reduction in ID swipes into NYU buildings from fall 2019 to fall 2020: 69%

Number of class sections held remotely during Fall 2020: 7,892

Percentage of sections held online in fall 2020: 67%

Projected loss of revenue from sales tax in New York City due to the pandemic: $3.4 billion

Loss of Revenue and increased expenses incurred by NYU due to COVID-19: $300 million

Reduction in CO2 emissions due to NYU’s reduced energy consumption during the first five months of the pandemic: 6,400 metric tons

Amount of CO2 emissions saved due to NYU pandemic air travel restrictions: 20,000 metric tons

Number of NYU researchers who have received NSF COVID-19 Rapid Grants in the first three months of the pandemic: 26

Amount of COVID-19-related grant funding received by NYU researchers since March 2020: $4,679,054

Index Source

New York University

Released: December 2020