Date: May 1, 2020
To: Doctoral Students at NYU
From: Provost Katherine Fleming and Deputy Provost Cybele Raver

Dear doctoral students,
We hope this email finds you and all those in your life safe and healthy. 
We recognize that graduate students across a wide range of disciplines and programs have been adversely affected by COVID-19. We have made emergency assistance available to all graduate students through the Office of Financial Aid; of the 8,500 students that have already received some $4 million in emergency aid, approximately 30% are graduate students.
This fund is not enough, however, to address the many needs that have arisen. We have worked with senior leaders across NYU to establish a few common dimensions of support that can be provided to all NYU doctoral students, including extension of time to degree where appropriate. But almost all core elements of doctoral training and support (including decisions regarding admission, enrollment, funding packages, degree requirements for coursework, training and research) are structured at school levels.
As conveyed in our earlier memo, all schools have been directed to reduce their enrollments for the next academic year in order to reallocate resources to support you, our current community, and NYU's next generation of scholars. We are working with schools to identify expanded teaching and research opportunities for this summer and the upcoming academic year. And each school plans to offer additional, varied types of support to their doctoral candidates as each school determines what best fits their respective discipline and needs. Please find below links and/or contact information for doctoral students, school by school.