Date:  June 18, 2020
From:  Katherine Fleming, Provost;
Martin Dorph, Executive Vice President;
Carlo Ciotoli, MD, Executive Director, COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team

Administration and Operations

Continued Teleworking

Although you may be seeing loosening of restrictions as New York City progresses through phases of reopening, we want to remind you that over the summer, all employees should continue to telework, other than those designated essential and those designated to be involved in early restart activities.

We continue working with schools and units on staffing plans for the fall.  Generally speaking, our aim for the fall semester is to have on campus only the minimum number of employees necessary to support our academic and administrative operations in person, and to continue to have employees telecommute where possible.

Administrators and Staff—Looking Ahead

We communicated with administrators and staff this week, giving the broad outlines of the return to work in the fall.

Health and Safety

KEEP each other SAFE—Safety Protocols You Should Know

With the start of some early return activity among researchers, NYU has begun putting in place some of the multi-layered safety and health protocols that will be used more widely in the fall.

Our approach to COVID-19 prevention and response emphasizes both individual and collective responsibility. To keep NYU—and NYC—safer and healthier, each of us is individually responsible for our community's well-being.

Keep each other Safe

Physical Distancing

Maintain 6 feet (2 meters) from other people at
all times.

Face Covering Required

In NYU buildings, wearing a face covering/mask that covers your nose and mouth is required.

Required Daily COVID-19 Symptom Check

To enter any of the 16 NYU buildings in which laboratory-based research is taking place, NYU community members must complete a brief, daily health survey before leaving for campus. It is accessible via the NYU Mobile app (Android or iPhone) or computer, including daily temperature-taking. As we ramp up activity in other facilities, we will extend the Daily COVID-19 Symptom Check requirement.

Avoid Non-essential Gatherings of Any Type

e.g., in break rooms, meetings, lounges.

Reducing Density

When in-person gatherings must take place, limit group sizes. As a general rule, no more than half of  regular room occupancy and fewer than 40.