Date: February 17, 2022
To: The NYU Community
From: Katherine Fleming, Provost; Martin Dorph, Exec. Vice President; and Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, Vice President for Campus Health

COVID-19 Community Health Data

There is positive news to report: the number of new NYU cases and the case positivity rate continue to decline. Declines are also being seen more broadly in New York City and New York State.

Booster rates — already at high levels (99% of students, 98% of faculty, 96% of other employees) — continue to rise.

Additional Restrictions Being Lifted


NYU will loosen restrictions on visitors to campus and off-campus University-sponsored activities.

  • Effective February 22, anyone deemed essential to the University’s academic mission and core operations will be permitted to participate in University-sponsored activities on and off-campus. Examples of core academic visitors that will now be permitted include but are not limited to guest speakers, academic meeting participants, prospective faculty, and newly admitted graduate students.
  • Effective February 22, schools will be permitted to allow visitors (eg, parents) to attend academic-based showcases and performances.
  • Effective February 22, the Department of Athletics will be permitted to allow visitors (eg, parents or other spectators) to watch athletic competitions.

Visitors are required to comply with NYU’s vaccination policy (including the booster when eligible) and must follow all procedures related to the visitor approval process (please allow 3-5 days to process visitor requests).

NYU-Sponsored Meetings, Events, Conferences (on or off-campus)

New event guidelines will go into effect February 22. Changes include:

  • No restrictions on capacity and duration limits at meetings, events, and conferences.
  • Singing, dancing, acting, and musical instruments will be permitted at events and meetings based on appropriately-sized room availability (this would include, for example, a school-based singing club). All artists must remain masked and 6 feet apart at all times, including while performing. Please note: performing arts-based instructors should continue to follow the academic performing arts guidelines for their academic courses.
  • Events involving masked fitness activities will be permitted (this would include, for example, group exercise classes). Participants in fitness-based activities must show the Vax Pass for entry into the activity.
  • Visitors who have been approved by the Extended Community Support Team may participate in University-sponsored events, on or off-campus (for example, an attendee at a department-sponsored symposium). Event visitors must meet the criteria for being essential to the University’s academic mission and sponsors/visitors must follow all procedures related to the visitor approval process.
Keep each other Safe