Date: March 3, 2022
To: NYU Faculty
From: Provost Katherine E. Fleming

As a nonsectarian, inclusive institution, NYU policy permits members of any religious group to absent themselves from classes without penalty when required for compliance with their religious obligations. The University Calendar Policy on Religious Holidays lays out the policy and principles to be followed by students and faculty.

Your commitment to the University’s policy furthers the inclusive environment we seek to create, one in which we hope students will feel supported and comfortable making such requests, which are to some students of a deeply personal nature. Thank you for your responsiveness to our students' commitment to religious observance in a wide array of traditions.

Where questions arise about applying the policy to specific circumstances, faculty should consult with their department chairs and Deans of their schools. You may also email the Office of Global Spiritual Life at with any questions you may have about specific religious traditions.

Finally, in cases where religious observance necessitates students’ missing scheduled class exams, the Moses Center for Student Accessibility will handle accommodations, including proctoring exams, in collaboration with the Office of Global Spiritual Life. For additional information about this program, please email The Office of Global Spiritual Life has also developed model language that can be included in syllabi or other course materials; its use is encouraged to ensure that students are aware of NYU’s policy.