Date: January 17, 2024
To:  NYU Faculty
From: Interim Provost Georgina Dopico

Sometimes severe weather disrupts University programming. Whenever this happens, advisories are issued to the University community, and information about significant changes to University operations - or even closings - is sent by email, posted to the NYU Alerts page, posted on social media, and also appears as a banner on NYU’s website.

Should a severe weather event occur that disrupts in-person operations, the University will most likely move instruction online for a short period, rather than cancel classes, since all courses must meet New York State credit hour requirements, even when facing weather-related disruptions. In such circumstances, instructors should plan to teach their classes remotely via Zoom, at their regular days and times (an exception is the Law School: its accrediting bodies require in-person instruction, and in the event of severe weather, Law School faculty and students will receive instructions from the Dean’s Office).

Maintaining course meeting times enables schools and departments to avoid the challenges of scheduling make-up classes later on. If it is not possible to teach a particular class session remotely following its assigned schedule, then instructors should consult with their departments or schools to reschedule missed classes or to identify other solutions (including asynchronous instruction) for meeting credit hour requirements.